Scientific publishing is becoming open access.
But where to find open documents, datasets and code source? It is all scattered.

The goal of Libraccess is to aggregate, deduplicate, clean and index
scientific resources in open access repositories, from all countries, from all disciplines, and make them available to all,
through a website and with APIs.

Libraccess covers all scientific disciplines.

Libraccess is a simple project: interdisciplinary, and international, because science has no borders. Indexing text, data and code, because that is where science is moving towards in all disciplines.


Open and transparent governance for Libraccess, because we share the values driving open access. And not-for-profit, because scientific publishing does not need to be for profit, right?


No need to build a platform if the quality of its indexing is poor, or if nobody likes to use it. The quality of the back and front end will be top priorities for Libraccess.


The focus of Libraccess is open access. Associated services (job postings, social networks, reference management, etc.) are interesting but not our focus.

Nice, how can I contribute?

Libraccess is easy to launch. It just needs a little help.